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  1. BME 695L Special Lecture 4: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) for Nanomedical Systems (cells and nanoparticles)

    02 Dec 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Helen McNally

    Guest lecturer: Helen McNally

  2. BME 695N Lecture 10: Nanomaterials for core design

    26 Sep 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:IntroductionCore building blocksFunctional coresFunctionalizing the core surfaceFerric oxide coresParamagnetic coresSuperparamagnetic coresFerric nanorodsAdvantages and disadvantagesC60 and carbon nanotubesSize and structure of C60Elongation of C60 into carbon nanotubesAdvantages and...

  3. BME 695N Lecture 11: Construction of biomolecule conjugated nanoparticles

    30 Sep 2007 |

    With Donald E. Bergstrom as guest lecturer.

  4. BME 695N Lecture 12: Introduction to X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and the Examples of Biologically-Relevant Applications

    19 Oct 2007 | | Contributor(s):: Dmitry Zemlyanov

    With Dmitry Zemlyanov as guest lecturer.

  5. BME 695N Lecture 15: Nanodelivery of therapeutic genes & molecular biosensor feedback control systems

    30 Oct 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:Introduction and overviewSome of the advantages of therapeutic genesSome of the advantages of molecular biosensor feedback control systemsWhy a nanodelivery approach is appropriateThe therapeutic gene approachWhat constitutes a "therapeutic gene" ?Transient versus stable expression...

  6. BME 695N Lecture 16: Assessing drug efficacy at the single cell level

    02 Nov 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:Introduction and overviewNanomedical treatment at the single cell level requires evaluation at the single cell levelFor evaluation purposes, does structure reveal function?The difficulty of anything but simple functional assaysThe need for assays which at least show correlation to...

  7. BME 695N Lecture 17: Assessing nanotoxicity at the single cell level

    06 Nov 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:Outline – the need for single cell measures of nanotoxicity There is more than one way for a cell to die... Necrosis" vs. "Apoptosis" There are other forms of "toxicity" Some other challenges in measuring toxicity of nanomaterialsNecrosis vs. Apoptosis mechanisms Necrosis is unplanned...

  8. BME 695N Lecture 18: Designing nanodelivery systems for in-vivo use

    12 Nov 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:Overview – the in-vitro to ex-vivo to in-vivo paradigm In-vitro - importance of choosing suitable cell lines Ex-vivo – adding the complexity of in-vivo background while keeping the simplicity of in-vitro In-vivo - all the complexity of ex-vivo plus the “active” components of a real...

  9. BME 695N Lecture 19: In vivo model systems to study nanomedical approaches to cancer detection and intervention

    27 Nov 2007 | | Contributor(s):: Deborah W Knapp

    With Deborah Knapp as guest lecturer.

  10. BME 695N Lecture 1: Need for New Perspectives on Medicine

    03 Aug 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:The Progression of MedicineConventional "modern" medicine "Personalized" or "molecular" medicineNanomedicine "single-cell" medicineHow Conventional Medicine Works for Diagnosis of DiseaseIdentification of the "diseased state"Simple measurements of body structure and functionFollow-up...

  11. BME 695N Lecture 21: FDA and EPA Regulatory Issues

    27 Nov 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:Introduction and overview How does the FDA think about nanomedical systems? The 2006 Nanotechnology Task Force Some details of the Nanotechnology Task Force Report General findings of the report Some initial recommendations of the Task Force Where the FDA may need to meet EPA on...

  12. BME 695N Lecture 2: Basic Concepts of Nanomedical Systems

    28 Aug 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline: Features of NanomedicineBottoms up rather than top down approach to medicine Nano-tools on the scale of molecules Cell-by-cell repair approach – regenerative medicine Feedback control system to control drug dosing Elements of good engineering designWhenever possible, use a general...

  13. BME 695N Lecture 3: Overview of Basic Nanomedical Systems Design

    29 Aug 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:Nanomedical systems – levels of challengesEssential elements of a nanomedical systemRequirements for specific cell targetingConsequences of mis-targetingEngineering around the consequences of mis-targetingSome ways to lower mis-targeting to non-diseased cells

  14. BME 695N Lecture 4: Designing "Theragnostic" Systems

    04 Sep 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:Bridging the gap between diagnostics and therapeuticsHow conventional medicine is practiced in terms of diagnostics and therapeuticsThe consequences of separating diagnostics and therapeuticsA new approach – "theragnostics" (or "theranostics")Examples of current theragnostic...

  15. BME 695N Lecture 5: Cell Targeting

    12 Sep 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:Overview: targeting nanosystems to cellsAntibody targetingPeptide targetingAptamer targetingAntibodies – polyclonal and monoclonalWhere do antibodies come from – in nature?How do we make them in the laboratory?Monoclonal antibodiesTherapy problems with mouse monoclonal...

  16. BME 695N Lecture 7: Normal & facilitated cell entry mechanisms

    15 Sep 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:IntroductionThe general problem of cell entryChoosing modes of cell entryHow does Nature do it? (biomimetics)Non-specific uptake mechanismsPinocytosis by all cellsPhagocytosis by some cellsReceptor mediated uptakeReceptor mediated transport of desired moleculesExample- transferrin...

  17. BME 695N Lecture 8: Technologies for measuring nanomedical systems on/within cells

    24 Sep 2007 | | Contributor(s):: James Leary

    Outline:Introduction to measuring technologies for nanomedical system interaction with cellsThe importance of quantitative or at least semi-quantitative single cell measurementsto detect presence and location of nanomedical systemsBelow "optical limit" imagingRequirements on the NMS to have...

  18. BME 695N Lecture 9: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) for Nanomedical Systems (cells and nanoparticles)

    30 Sep 2007 | | Contributor(s):: Helen McNally

    What Helen McNally as guest lecturer.

  19. CHM 696 Lecture 10: Supramolecular Chemistry of Metal Nanoparticles

    10 Mar 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Alexander Wei

  20. CHM 696 Lecture 11: Optical Properties of Metal Nanoparticles and Nanoparticle Assemblies I

    03 May 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Alexander Wei