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  1. Rode's Method: Theory and Implementation

    06 Jul 2010 | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska

    This set of teaching materials provides theoretical description of the Rode's method for the low field mobility calculation that is accompanied with a MATLAB code for the low field mobility calculation for GaAs material at different temperatures and different doping concentrations. Note that the...

  2. Universality of NBTI-Induced Interface Trap Generation and Its Impact on ID Degradation in Strained/ Unstrained PMOS Transistors

    23 Dec 2008 | | Contributor(s):: Ahmad Ehteshamul Islam, Muhammad A. Alam

    Despite extensive use of strained technology, it is still unclear whether NBTI-induced NIT generation in strained transistors is substantially different from that of unstrained ones. Here, we present a comprehensive theory for NIT generation in strained/unstrained transistors and show its...

  3. Mobility Variation Due to Interface Trap Generation in Plasma Oxynitrided PMOS Devices

    30 Jun 2008 | | Contributor(s):: Ahmad Ehteshamul Islam, Souvik Mahapatra, Muhammad A. Alam

    Mobility degradation due to generation of interfacetraps, Δµeff(NIT), is a well-known phenomenon that has beentheoretically interpreted by several mobility models. Based onthese analysis, there is a general perception that Δµeff(NIT) isrelatively insignificant (compared to Δµeff due to...