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  1. CNRS - Carbon Nanotube Interconnect RC Model

    06 Oct 2017 | Compact Models | Contributor(s):

    By Jie LIANG, Aida Todri1


    This CNT Interconnect Compact Model includes a solid physics understanding and electrical modeling for pristine and doped SWCNT as Interconnect applications. SWCNT resistance and capacitance are...




  3. [Illinois] AVS Meeting 2012: Vacuum Insulation Panels with Tensile Supports to increase the Energy Efficiency of a Building's Envelope

    04 Jun 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Alan D. Feinerman

    Heating and cooling accounts for at least 36% of the energy consumed in the US and in nearly all cases increasing the insulation (R-value) of the thermal barrier will reduce the energy consumed. Space and economic considerations usually limit the insulation in the walls of a building's envelope...