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  1. Nour BOUKORTT

  2. Sumanth Jain P R

  3. how to plot subthersshold swing vs lg

    Closed | Responses: 1

    hello sir, working with mugfet is giving very good comparison of variation of various parameter of finfet. i just want to know how can we plot Subthreshold Swing on Y axis and Lg on X axis.

  4. Are there any clear advantages to either UTB SOI vs FinFet devices?

    Open | Responses: 1

    I have been doing some reading on these devices and it seems that both structures give the gate more control and suppress the influence of the drain voltage on the channel. So, is there a clear...

  5. what are the main problems in using MuGFET tool while simulating a Fi

    Closed | Responses: 1

    What are the main aspects of device structures that need to be taken care of while going for the device simulation of

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