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  1. Jun 05 2017

    2017 Summer School on ENGINEERED LIVING SYSTEMS

    A new scientific field for creating engineered, living, multi-cellular ‘machines’ to solve real problems in health, security, and the environment. The primary goal of the 2017 Summer School on...


  2. 4 Advanced Procedures to Extract DNA from FFPE Tissues

    27 Nov 2017 | Posted by Simon Hopes

    Are you a histologist, planning to learn a new use for the formalin fixed, paraffin embedded or FFPE tissue sections and blocks? If yes, then this piece of writing is quite useful for you. DNA...


  3. 5 Most Common Fibroid Questions Every Woman Should Know

    24 Nov 2017 | Posted by Simon Hopes

    In these days, uterine fibroids have become a major cause of worry for women throughout the world. Studies reveal the fact that almost 20 to 40 percent of women who are aged above 35 come across...


  4. Best product is the NanoAtomChanger.Known As Cheat codes to life. Find me a better product ?

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    How about one nanobot that could make a team of nanobots to change any atom into any other atom and create atoms of any type…


  5. Cake Intake Software

    CakeIntake is an iPad software that helps in managing documents for healthcare professionals. It converts all the paper documents into digital forms. The software is complete HIPAA compliant along...


  6. Cara Memutihkan Wajah Secara Alami Dan Cepat Dengan 5 Makanan Sehat

    13 Sep 2016 | Posted by Gadis Lianasari

    Cara memutihkan wajah secara alami dan cepat - bagi para wanita, kulit cerah saja tidak cukup. Ternyata mereka memiliki beberapa rahasia kecantikan yang tidak hanya membuat kulit cerah merata,...


  7. Cara Menghilangkan Komedo Dengan 3 Bahan Alami

    12 Sep 2016 | Posted by Gadis Lianasari

    Komedo merupakan istilah dari pori-pori wajah yang tersumbat kotoran, namun kondisinya bisa terbuka atau tertutup. Yang pasti, komedo menyumbat kelenjar minyak pada wajah. Dua jenis komedo adalah...


  8. Cataract On The Eye Treatment At Home

    30 Aug 2017 | Posted by Zelda Tumbelina

    Macular degeneration or loss of vision is a regular eye problem encountered by many people around the entire world. Each year in the US alone, one in every five persons who are 50 years old or...


  9. Darla Blaesing

    From the Chicago suburbs. Currently living in southern Delaware.B.S. Natural Environmental Systems, minors biology, geology in 1979, Northern Illinois UniversityM.S. Computer Science in 1998,...


  10. Dr. Ken Best

    Dr. Ken Best Sports and Holistic Chiropractic. Dr. Best is a wellness coach and applied kinesiologist, he is the author of "99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Facing Life's Challenges" and...


  11. Hit Obat Nyamuk Bantu Cegah Nyamuk DBD

    Collections | 21 Mar 2016 | Posted by masih aku disini


  12. Jeff Mill


  13. Re-engineering a Healthy Eye Tissue to Restore Damaged Eyesight

    06 Aug 2007 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Margarita Shalaev

    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is an eye disease that is the leading cause of blindness in the USA and Western Europe. It affects over one million people in the United States alone. One of...


  14. Skin Laser Centre

    Skin laser Centre has been established 14 years ago and is running by team including specialist in dermatologist Dr. Munish Paul along with his assistant and trained staff. He has done his post...


  15. [Illinois] Computational Microscopy for Health and Technology

    17 Dec 2013 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Klaus Schulten

    It is today becoming possible to view and study biological systems on the cellular scale using computational methods, offering insights into new solutions to mankind's health and energy needs....


  16. [Illinois] Mobile Phone Nanosensor Platform at Molecular Precision for Environmental Health Diagnostics

    06 Oct 2014 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Gang Logan Liu

    Prof. G. Logan Liu has a multidisciplinary educational background and was trained in both engineering technology development and clinical medical research environment. He obtained his joint Ph.D....