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  1. CamelCase

    24 Sep 2013 | Posted by Tanya Faltens

    Here is an explanation from Emily on the mysterious creation of links, and how to avoid it with a leading bang. Hi Tanya, This is actually a feature in the wiki called CamelCase. This is the...


  2. Merging of updated versions of login view and resource browser started

    21 May 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    Today, two of the most important parts of the application will start to be merged. That is, the login view and the resource browser view, where the user loads sessions to the VNC view. Other...


  3. Test on web icon loading success

    08 May 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    Today a project on which icons from the web are loaded into multiple tiles on the screen was successfully completed. The idea was to have a set of tiles, similar to the ones on the preview of the...


  4. Image loading and resource browsing

    04 May 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    In this phase of the application, a fully customized table view was created. The only problem in the development of this piece of the application is the sequential loading of the data to fill the...


  5. Application status 1

    12 Apr 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    Currently, the three main screens of the application are being improved separately. Login, resource browser and VNC view are being developed as separate projects for later merging and application...


  6. Resource Browser Screen

    04 Apr 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    Resource Browser screen is now being optimized for a more handy handling. Up until now, the sizes and proportions are being optimized. The next step after this would be to optimize web...