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  1. Aditya Deshpande

  2. Anya Bouarab

  3. Gustavo Medeiros Azevedo

  4. Marco Marín Suárez

  5. Yongjie Zou

  6. Behzad Khezri

  7. Jimmy Mangalam

  8. niazi tarik

    PhD student

  9. Jason Arthur Merz

  10. Mihai Axinte

  11. Abhash kujur

  12. Shengling Hu

  13. Santosh KC

    Ph. D. Physics/Material Sc.University of Texas at Dallas, USA2014 (expected)M. S. PhysicsUniversity of Texas at Dallas, USA2011M. Sc. PhysicsTribhuvan University, Nepal 2007B. Sc. PhysicsTribhuvan...

  14. Charles Taylor Patrick Gillespie

    Mr. Charles Taylor Patrick Gillespie is currently pursuing a LL.M. in Intellectual Property at Santa Clara University School of Law and focusing on Nanotechnology and the Law. He graduated from...

  15. Martin Hunt

  16. Vladimir I. Gavrilenko

    Prof. Vladimir I. Gavrilenko is at the Center for Materials Research and in the Department of Physics, of Norfolk State University, Norfolk, Virginia. He received his MS degree from T. Shevchenko...

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