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  1. error of mpi

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    when i run meep tool with more than 1 cpu.  the error shows:

    /apps/rhel6/xalt/bin/mpirun: line 62: qstat: command not found
    /apps/rhel6/xalt/bin/mpiexec: line 62: qstat:...


  2. how can i use Meep on clusters in nanohub?

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    I need to run large simulations with Meep which require a cluster, but I don’t have access to such a cluster. how can I use meep in nanohub?


  3. MEEP Error?

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    I tried to design a device in millimeter length. When I give for run, i received an error

    “INVALID BOUNDARY ABSORBERS FOR THIS GRID_VOLUME” am not understanding, where is the...