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  1. Kan Yao


  2. Active Optical Antennas and Metasurfaces

    10 Nov 2016 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Brongersma

  3. Plasmonics and Metasurfaces for Extreme Manipulation of Light

    08 Mar 2016 | | Contributor(s):: Yongmin Liu

    In this talk, I will present some of our work in the fascinating field of plasmonics and optical metasurfaces. First, I will discuss reconfigurable plasmonic lenses operating in microfluidic environment, which can dynamically diverge, collimate and focus surface plasmons [5]. Second, I will...

  4. [Illinois] Device Applications of Metafilms and Metasurfaces

    23 Oct 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Brongersma

  5. Vishal Vashistha 14310066


  6. Alexander V. Kildishev

    Alexander Kildishev, Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering Alexander Kildishev obtained his Ph.D. and M.S. in EE from the Kharkov State Polytechnic University, Ukraine...


  7. Nanophotonics and Metamaterials

    10 Nov 2017

    The course will cover nanoscale processes and devices and their applications for manipulating light on the nanoscale.