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  1. Omeil Tyga

    Give me a place to stand... I will move the earth

  2. Jackileen Manson

    Jackileen Manson is a content writer for and a freelance writer for different websites as well. She is also...

  3. Soujanya

    I have been brought up in the gulf region. I did my little bit of schooling in Saudi Arabia; rest of it in Abu Dhabi. I'm doing my undergraduate currently in PES university, Bangalore.

  4. Andreas Willfahrt

    1997 Highschool2001 Editor Newspaper2001-2006 Freelancing Journalist2006 Engineering Degree in printing technologies2007-today Research Engineer


  6. Jessica Theodore

    My name's Jessica, new kid in town. My family just moved in and I couldn't be happier despite the fact that this move caused all of us inconveniences. Well, I am happy because we got a new and...

  7. Reena Jean Stokes

    I'm Reena, a senior Art Studies student. Actually, I'm just a shiftee from another course. I used to be in the Social Sciences department. My interest is really on the art so that's why. And I...

  8. Armanda Marie Gonzalez

    My name is Mandi Gonzalez and I am currently a rising senior at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, working towards my bachelor's degree in Information Science and minoring in Music....

  9. Brian Mitchell

    I am a student. we have many [ Architecture colleges].I am happy that we have such as those.many of our students are studying in...

  10. aku larimaa

    i iam single

  11. Kaiwen Lu


  12. Qi Wang

    2006-2010, Bachelor of Science, EE, Nanjing Univeristy, China2010-present, EE, Nanjing Univeristy, China

  13. ngongang wandji danube


  14. Ronald James Cortese

    Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from University of Tennessee. Starting Graduate School fall 2012.

  15. Chimdindu Onuigbo

    I am a Materials Science Major specializing in Polymers at Northwester University (2015).

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