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  1. André Luiz Aguiar

    Advogado,Consultor e Pesquisador em Nanotecnologias/ Lawyer, Consultant and Researcher in Nanotechno - AC&P-Nano

  2. Ashish Jagtiani

  3. Damien Griveau

    Under master graduation process in "Beyond CMOS" nanotechnolgy research project

  4. Davood Askari

  5. Estefania Alvarado

  6. Gulsim Kulsharova

  7. Intak Jeon


  8. Jingjing Shi

  9. KS Carey

  10. Linfeng He

  11. Oleg Buga

  12. poonam sharma

  13. Shahadat Hussain Parvez

    A EEE Student from Bangladesh

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