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  1. How can I simulate SET (single electron transistor) based Circuits ?

    Closed | Responses: 0

    Hello Everyone I need a software which can simulate Single Electron Transistor based circuits. I have known about some software like SIMON,Synopsis-TCAD etc.But these are all paid software.Can...

  2. Models for SETs in PSpice

    Closed | Responses: 0

      Hello. I am trying to simulate hybrid circuits (cMOS SET transistors) and I can't find models for SET, anywhere... I only want a SET that can simulate properly along with regular...

  3. software where i can build new mosfet with high-k material and extract the netlist for further ckt simulation

    Closed | Responses: 0

    Hello I want to build new transistors with different materials and even new architecture. i am looking for some software where i can construct new fet’s and test these fet’s for...

  4. Ankit Kumar Verma

  5. Ashutosh Manohar

  6. Gary Grima

  7. Hamed Fooladvand

    M.Sc NANOElectonics Engineering - University of Tabriz, Iran / B.Sc Power Electrical Engineering - Ardabil, Iran

  8. Indrayan Ganguly

  9. Jyoti S Mali


  11. Mirza Mohammad Monzure Elahi

  12. Mostafa El-Aasser

  13. PAMELA (Pseudospectral Analysis Method with Exchange & Local Approximations)

    29 May 2014 | Downloads | Contributor(s): Bryan M. Wong

    PAMELA (Pseudospectral Analysis Method with Exchange & Local Approximations): calculates electronic energies, densities, wavefunctions, and band-bending diagrams for core-shell nanowires within a...

  14. Poorani Gnanasambandan

  15. Saman Azhari

  16. sandeep das

    Hi Nano hub users,I am researcher working in field of Molecular electronics.My main area of research is studying carrier transport inorganic semiconductors, having application in field ofOrganic...

  17. Sazzad Hossain

  18. Simone Colasanti

  19. Sina Soleymani

  20. Yaser Mohammadi Banadaki

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