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  1. different materials giving the same current in nanoMOS

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    I have assigned a class project for my class where the students have to study different materials (Si, GaAs, etc) in a dual-gate structure using the nanoMOS toolkit. However, both Si and GaAs...


  2. problem in nanomos

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    I am facing problem while simulating in new version of nanomos. If I select the device SOI MOSFET or spinFET it shows only input and output deck after simualtion. No results are available.


  3. nanoMos 3,5 compare models

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    how can we compare the 3 models (Green’s funktion,semiclassical and Drift..) in nanoMos 3,5 and the graphs for first subband,electron density and velocity.What are diffrent between the 3...


  4. Scattering in NEGF: Made simple

    09 Nov 2009 | Papers | Contributor(s): Dmitri Nikonov, Himadri Pal, George Bourianoff

    Formalism for describing electron-phonon scattering, surface scattering, and spin relaxation is dervied for the Keldysh non-equilibrium Green's functions (NEGF) method. Approximation useful for...


  5. NanoMOS 3.5 (online Verison)

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    When I used NanoMOS 3.5 on nanoHub, I got the same answers when I set Ambient Temperature at 200 & 300 K...


  6. silicon thickness

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    hi, according to chapter 2 of ren’s thesis (fig.2.8), with decrease of silicon thickness, increase of on-current is observed but simulation results of nanomos shows opposite...


  7. poisson equation in si/oxid interface

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    hi! i have a question about discontinuty of epsilon in sioxid interface. it seems in this position, epsilon is (epsilon_oxid+epsilon_si)/2 according to thesis of ren but he uses another mesh in...


  8. What is the double mosfte width(W) in nanoMos simulation?

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    How much is the width(W) of double gate mosfet in nanoMos simulatin and how can I change it? Best regards


  9. double gate mosfet width (W) in nanoMos

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