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  1. Nanotechnology and the NAE grand challenge Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure

    13 Sep 2017 | Contributor(s):: Edward Davis, Virginia A. Davis, Joni Lakin

    This group of materials is designed to provide a framework to teach students in an introductory engineering course basic nanotechnology concepts. The materials use the NAE grand challenge “Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure” to underpin the need and potential for nanotechnology...

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  3. Nanobiotechnology Resources for K-12

    Resources for Grade School Students Nanozone Nanozone, for kids ages 8-14, explores the basics of nanotechnology and nanoscience with games,videos and comics. Molecularium Project The Molecularium...


  4. Joaquin Tutor

    Research in NanoScience since 1987.Staff at Instituto de Materiales y Reactivos. Havana University.Cuba. 1999 - 2003.Staff at the Science and Technology Agency. Ministry of Science, Technology and...


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