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  1. Literature transcriptomics review and data of Nanoparticle Induced Cellular Outcomes

    07 Mar 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Irini Furxhi

    Data from in vitro differential gene expression analysis studies were gathered from peer-reviewed scientific literature. The studies gathered had a considerably variety of different human cell models including both primary cells and immortalized cell lines which exhibit varying...

  2. Informatics Tool to Explore the Nanomaterial-Biological Interactions Knowledgebase

    11 Apr 2016 | | Contributor(s):: Sandra Karcher

    Welcome to the resource: Informatics Tool to Explore the Nanomaterial-Biological Interactions Knowledgebase! N4mics was developed to enable cross-study exploration of the NBI Knowledgebase with the goal of identifying relationships between nanomaterial characteristics and biological responses....

  3. State of Art of Nanotoxicology

    20 Mar 2013 | | Contributor(s):: VEERA CSR CHITTEPU

    Brief introduction to nanotoxicology and how computer modeling and simulations can help nanotoxociology research. free softwares and commercial softwares that are avialable from world wide web to calculate nanoQSAR.

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