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A nanotransistor is a transistor whose dimensions are measured in nanometers. Transistors are used for switching and amplifying electronic signals. When combined in the millions and billions, they can be used to create sophisticated programmable information processors.

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  1. ECE 612 Lecture 21: Gate resistance and Interconnects

    02 Nov 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  2. Modeling Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Transistors

    30 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: ramesh venugopal

    As critical transistor dimensions scale below the 100 nm (nanoscale) regime, quan- tum mechanical effects begin to manifest themselves and affect important device performance metrics. Therefore, simulation tools which can be applied to design nanoscale transistors in the future, require new...

  3. Carbon Nanotube Electronics: Modeling, Physics, and Applications

    30 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Jing Guo

    In recent years, significant progress in understanding the physics of carbon nanotube electronic devices and in identifying potential applications has occurred. In a nanotube, low bias transport can be nearly ballistic across distances of several hundred nanometers. Deposition of high-κ gate...

  4. ECE 612 Lecture 20: MOSFET Leakage

    18 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  5. Nanoscale MOSFETs: Physics, Simulation and Design

    26 Oct 2006 |

    This thesis discusses device physics, modeling and design issues of nanoscale transistors at the quantum level. The principle topics addressed in this report are 1) an implementation of appropriate physics and methodology in device modeling, 2) development of a new TCAD (technology computer...

  6. Nanoelectronics 101

    28 Aug 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

    Semiconductor device technology has transformed our world with supercomputers, personal computers, cell phones, ipods, and much more that we now take for granted. Moore's Law, posited by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965, states that the number of transistors (the basic building blocks of...

  7. Modeling of Nanoscale Devices

    19 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: M. P. Anantram, Mark Lundstrom, Dmitri Nikonov

    We aim to provide engineers with an introductionto the nonequilibriumGreen’s function (NEGF) approach, which is a powerful conceptual tool and a practical analysismethod to treat nanoscale electronic devices with quantum mechanicaland atomistic effects. We first review the basis for the...

  8. A Quantum Mechanical Analysis of Channel Access Geometry and Series Resistance in Nanoscale Transistors

    19 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Ramesh Venugopal, Sebastien Goasguen, Supriyo Datta, Mark Lundstrom

    In this paper, we apply a two-dimensional quantum mechanical simulation scheme to study the effect of channel access geometries on device performance. This simulation scheme solves the non-equilibrium Green’s function equations self-consistently with Poisson’s equation and treats the effect of...

  9. ECE 612 Lecture 19: Series Resistance

    17 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  10. ECE 612 Lecture 18: VT Engineering

    17 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  11. ECE 612 Lecture 17: Device Scaling

    17 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  12. The Limits of CMOS Scaling from a Power-Constrained Technology Optimization Perspective

    17 Oct 2006 |

    As CMOS scaling progresses, it is becoming very clear that power dissipation plays a dominant role in limiting how far scaling can go. This talk will briefly describe the various physical effects that arise at the limits of scaling, and will then turn to an analysis of scaling in the presence of...

  13. ECE 612 Lecture 13: Threshold Voltage and MOSFET Capacitances

    02 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  14. ECE 612 Lecture 16: 2D Electrostatics, Part II

    02 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  15. ECE 612 Lecture 15: 2D Electrostatics, Part I

    02 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  16. ECE 612 Lecture 14: Effective Mobility

    02 Oct 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  17. Simulating Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Transistors: Real versus Mode-Space Approaches

    28 Sep 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Zhibin Ren, Supriyo Datta, Mark Lundstrom, Ramesh Venugopal, D. Jovanovic

    In this paper, we present a computationally efficient, two-dimensional quantum mechanical sim- ulation scheme for modeling electron transport in thin body, fully depleted, n-channel, silicon- on-insulator transistors in the ballistic limit. The proposed simulation scheme, which solves the...

  18. Device Physics and Simulation of Silicon Nanowire Transistors

    28 Sep 2006 |

    As the conventional silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) approaches its scaling limits, many novel device structures are being extensively explored. Among them, the silicon nanowire transistor (SNWT) has attracted broad attention from both the semiconductor industry...

  19. ECE 612 Lecture 12: Subthreshold Conduction

    25 Sep 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom

  20. ECE 612 Lecture 10: The Ballistic MOSFET

    18 Sep 2006 | | Contributor(s):: Mark Lundstrom