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  1. Iterative procedure did not converge

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    Hi, I hope you are doing well. I encounter a problem from OOF2 now. When I load the script - 'OOF.Mesh.Solve(mesh='BinaryExample.JPG:skeleton:mesh', endtime=0.0)’, one error...


  2. How grain boundaries of like-phase grains are taken into account?

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    The crystal structure I'm using is mainly alpha phase ( ~99% ). To accurately model a mechanical test do I need to define the grain boundaries as their own material or would loading a...


  3. How to correlate unitless inputs to real life experiments?

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    From what I've learned a force is placed on a various boundary in the 'Boundary Conditions' tab. However, with no units on moduli when entering the data in 'Materials'...


  4. Overview and Applications of the Object Oriented Finite Element Analysis (OOF2)

    18 Feb 2016 | | Contributor(s):: R. Edwin García

    Edwin Garcia is an associate professor of Materials Engineering who is interested in the application of theoretical and computational materials science to understand the relations between material properties and microstructure. His research places special emphasis on establishing analytical...

  5. Christian Andrés Palomino

    Christian Andrés Palomino Naranjo is a graduated student of Mechanical Engineering  Universidad ECCI from Bogotá, Colombia. His work has been developed at metal mechanics...


  6. .ang file format

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    Hello everyone,

    I am working on the EBSD scans which are of TSL .ang format. I am trying to understand the data in these .ang files. There are totally 10 columns, and I am sure that the...


  7. Is there anybody who is using oof and residing at Melbourne?

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    Searching for someone who has worked on OOF and residing in Melbourne. This is not a related one but it could help me a lot.


  8. My pc hangs or kills OOF2 while running layer editor using the options mesh and filled contour.

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    After executing all the necessary steps (microstructure,material assigning, skeletonization, setting skeleton boundaries, FE Meshing, setting fields and equations, boundary conditions, running...


  9. How to load the microstructure to convert to image in OOF2 ??

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  10. How to upload files?

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    I am trying to upload files to the OOF2 software. However, when I click on the upload button, nothing happens (previously, I could upload files). I am not blocking pop ups from the site, and...