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  1. What are the units for the parameters?

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    When entering the parameters for the Coulomb Blockade Simulation (energy level, charging parameter etc), what unit should our numbers be? Joules? Volts? Milli-electronvolts?


  2. Support for Cadence Tools

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    First of all, I am really thankful for the working model of III-IV Tunnel FET Model. I have used VerilogA model files with Cadence Tools and they are working fine. Is it...


  3. Empirical Tight-binding Parameterization of SmSe in the sp3d5f7s* model

    26 Mar 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Zhengping Jiang, Marcelo Kuroda, Yaohua Tan, Dennis M. Newns, Michael Povolotskyi, Timothy Boykin, Tillmann Christoph Kubis, Gerhard Klimeck, Glenn J. Martyna

    The Empirical Tight Binding(ETB) method is widely used in atomistic device simulations. The reliability of such simulations depends very strongly on the choice of basis sets and the ETB parameters.The Piezoelectronic Transistor (PET) has been proposed as a post-CMOS device for fast, low-power...