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  1. Phase Transforming Cellular Materials (Spherical Shells)

    27 Aug 2018 | Contributor(s):: Valeria Grillo, ASHLEY MIN, Gavin Carter, Yunlan Zhang, Kristiaan William Hector, David Restrepo Arango, Chidubem Nuela Enebechi, Pablo Daniel Zavattieri, Nilesh Mankame

    “Phase transforming cellular materials (PXCMs) are a class of materials whose unit cells exhibit multiple configurations (metastable or bistable) [1]. The geometrical structure of the PXCM can change to increase the energy absorbed. The hysteretic nature of the PXCM makes the potential...

  2. Frequency change Vs Temperature in THz region

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    Dear all,

    Wondering what does change in the frequency with respect to temperature of phonon modes in THz region of Raman spectra indicate ?. Does it indicate concerted movement of...


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