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  1. can anyone please help me by providing self consistent schrodinger poisson’s equation for 1.55um Quantum dot Laser?

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    I am working on Quantum Dot Laser. I need to know what is the appropriate Schrodinger Poisson’s equation for 1.55um QD Laser. I need to solve Schrodinger Poisson’s equation. I am...


  2. How i can solve poisson equation in decoupled mode space NEGF?

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    I want solve poisson equation in decoupled mode space Negf for graphene nanoribbons ,but...


  3. ECE 595E Lecture 9: Programming for Linear Algebra

    01 Feb 2013 | | Contributor(s):: Peter Bermel

    Outline:Recap from FridayApplication ExamplesElectrostatic potential (Poisson’s equation)1D array of charge2D grid of chargeArrays of interacting spins1D interaction along a chain2D nearest-neighbor coupling