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  1. How to select polarization of the incident wave?

    Closed | Responses: 0

    I want to make incident TM or p-polarized wave onto a substrate which is 1D grating. I selected |E_s|=0 and |E_p| = 1. But the output is not at all changing with change in...

  2. Why is there a discrepancy between the control file interface and the GUI?

    Closed | Responses: 0

    I am simulating a 1D grating with a square wave pattern. I started with the GUI and received a decent result. However, when I downloaded the associated Control File and tried to use it in the...

  3. PHYS 620 Lecture 3: Polarization: A Quantum Approach

    13 Feb 2013 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s): Roberto Merlin

  4. Illinois 2009 nano-biophotonics Summer School, Lecture 19: Second-Harmonic Generation Imaging Of Collagen-Based Systems

    09 Nov 2009 | Presentation Materials | Contributor(s): Kimani C Toussaint

    Second-Harmonic Generation Imaging Of Collagen-Based Systems Topics: Review: Nonlinear Microscopy SHG, Theory: SHG Comparison to Two Photon Florescence Microscopy Collagen ..., a resource for nanoscience and nanotechnology, is supported by the National Science Foundation and other funding agencies. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.