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  1. CamelCase

    24 Sep 2013 | Posted by Tanya Faltens

    Here is an explanation from Emily on the mysterious creation of links, and how to avoid it with a leading bang. Hi Tanya, This is actually a feature in the wiki called CamelCase. This is the...


  2. Difficulties in XCode compilation and programming.

    26 Apr 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    Lately, multiple compilation errors are being delaying the completion of individual parts of the application, so further separation of the views is being assigned as a separate project. The plan...


  3. The making of the iPad nanoHUB mock up APP

    20 Mar 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    In this blog, I will comment some of the questions and perspectives of finishing the application I was supposed to be done with a long time ago, but programming this thing tasks more creativity...


  4. Personal page development

    16 Mar 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    Recently, I have been developing a personal web page on which I can keep track of my projects, as well as keep my thoughts organized. My only concern, which I would like to share with a general...


  5. C++ Structures

    08 Mar 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    In object oriented, as well as in procedural programming, data structures play an important role. These are used to hold large data blocks in an ordered way. C++ structures seem more less like...


  6. Modular programming

    08 Mar 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    Modular programming refers to the splitting large programs into several files. These files contain the specification of classes and structures that together with the main file, they form the...


  7. C++ Classes

    08 Mar 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    In object oriented programming, classes are data structures that are able to perform, or do stuff with the information it holds. These classes can be structured so that it’s properties and...


  8. The programming process: Calculator example

    08 Mar 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    EXAMPLE: Calculator Specification: A calculator is a program that allows the user to perform simple arithmetic operations with the help of a computer. When the program is run, it zeros the...


  9. The programming process

    08 Mar 2012 | Posted by David A Saenz

    This post is dedicated to those people who are starting to learn how to program in C++. Here I cover the basic programming process, and how one can go about writing a short and decent C++...