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  1. Illinois ABE 446 Lecture 3: Quantum Dots and Polymers

    11 Feb 2010 | | Contributor(s):: Kaustubh Bhalerao

  2. AQME Exercise: Bound States – Theoretical Exercise

    20 Jul 2010 | | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska, Gerhard Klimeck

    The objective of this exercise is to teach the students the theory behind bound states in a quantum well.

  3. Quantum Workshop I: Two Slit Experiment

    31 Jan 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Stella Quinones

     Exercise using the "Particle-Wave Duality: an Animation" on nanoHUB as an introduction to an undergraduate quantum mechanics course.  A series of questions allow students to analyze what is happening in the 2-slit experiment and to make conclusions about the behavior and...