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  1. Mini Course on Physical Models

    04 Sep 2019 | Contributor(s):: Bruno Uchoa

    When students are taught about models, they are not normally encouraged to think about the progress in scientific understanding that led to those models. A good example is the conventional theory of superconductivity, which can be found in standard textbooks, but was for a very long time (50...

  2. Aharonov-Bohm Interference of Fractional Quantum Hall Edge Modes

    20 Jun 2019 | | Contributor(s):: Michael J. Manfra

    The braiding statistics of certain fractional quantum Hall states can be probed via interferometry of their edge states. Practical difficulties – including loss of phase coherence – make this a challenging task. We demonstrate the operation of a small Fabry-Perot interferometer in...

  3. Anyone knows a Quantum Hall Effect Simulator?

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    Does anyone know a Quantum Hall Effect Simulator? Specifically the one used in the paper

    "Atomistic Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions Simulations of GNR in the Quantum...