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  1. Simulation, design software for VFET, vertical field effect transistor or schottky diodes?

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    Please suggest software, preferably open source and no cost software, to simulate and design VFET.

    Please suggest software for schottky diode also.

    If possible, please...


  2. Matlab fit of back to back schottky diodes

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    Hi everybody,

    I am trying to fit I(V) curves for semiconducting nanowires contacted between two metallic electrodes.

    My main reference to do this is the following: http://nanohub.org/answers/question/1373

  3. Mehdi Sharafi

    I've born in 1985, Shiraz, Iran. I earned my BSc. from IUST(Iran University of Science and Technology) in 2009 and now I'm working on my MSc. thesis at SDL(Semiconductor Devices' Laboratory),...


  4. Schottky diode - Theoretical exercises

    02 Aug 2008 | | Contributor(s):: Dragica Vasileska, Gerhard Klimeck