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  1. I am confused regarding the Material Parameter Inputs. The notation in the input deck is extremely confusing.

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    The input deck has mx_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3), my_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3), mz_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley 3), mhh_3valleys (valley 1, valley 2, valley...


  2. compiling schred and nanoHUB schred

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    Thank you for answering my previous question on compiling schred. I have three more questions and I appreciate your help and suggestions; I was wondering whether: -there is any tutorial for...


  3. how can i use schred program in my computer

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    Hi, i downloaded schred program from nanohub, but i can not use it. can you help me to use it in my computer?