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  1. Justin Carey


  2. Jeffrey E Kuhn


  3. Robert Douglas Rees

    I’m a student chasing a BS Software Engineering with a minor in Nanotechnology. My ultimate goal, to produce a fully functional code base to impliment integrated systems for use in nanotechnology....


  4. Randy Heiland

    --M.A. in Mathematics, Arizona State University--M.S. in Computer Science, University of Utah--B.S. in Computational Math, Eastern Illinois University-----Randy enjoys making contributions to...


  5. Sebastian Lee

    Sebastian Lee is an undergraduate student majoring in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University with a Specialization in Software Engineering. He is anticipated to graduate in May 2012 and plans...


  6. Creating and Deploying Scientific Tools

    26 May 2014

    Use the HUBzero framework to bring your simulation/model and analysis tools online