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  1. Bhuvaneshwari V

    M.Tech in SSN College of Engineering-Chennai , PhD- IITI-Pursuing

  2. Punith C L

  3. María del Carmen Ley Flores

  4. Soujanya

    I have been brought up in the gulf region. I did my little bit of schooling in Saudi Arabia; rest of it in Abu Dhabi. I'm doing my undergraduate currently in PES university, Bangalore.

  5. Fatih KUZAK

  6. Marco Marín Suárez

  7. Atanu Samanta

  8. Bikash Sharma

    BIKASH SHARMA__Member__: IEEE__Life Member__: System Society of India; Indian Physical Society __ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE__Associate ProfessorDept. of Electronics & Communication Engg.Sikkim...

  9. kumar rohit

  10. Edward Yesid Villegas

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