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  1. Instruction manual?

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    This tool looks really interesting, and I think a lot of people might be interested in trying it out— may be in a materials selection class where they are proposing a marine bio-material...


  2. Does nanoHub support tools using the QT library?

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  3. Default model failed

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    I used this model with default parameters. It failed after running for a while.


  4. It can’t be launched!

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    Dear administrator,

    The simulator seems to be out of work???


  5. How can I get this reboMD tool?

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  6. How can I retreve the stored data obtained from previous simualtions and plot them again?

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  7. How do I download a saved skeleton to my computer so I can use it in Abaqus?

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  8. How to download acc and Charges file ?

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    What is particularly said with acc and charges files? The use of charges file in simulation and dynamics analysis? How to download it?


  9. How to get the tutorials in oof2 software

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    Recently i have downloaded the oof 2.But i am facing problem in getting the tutorial in the software. Initial few tutorial slides are coming. After that it is not opening for conseqent menus. I...


  10. How do I direct my output file into my storage?

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  11. How to upload files?

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    I am trying to upload files to the OOF2 software. However, when I click on the upload button, nothing happens (previously, I could upload files). I am not blocking pop ups from the site, and...


  12. family of curves

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    what is the command to plot drain current versus drain voltage curves at different values of gate voltage(vg) on the same graph.(id-vdd curves at different values of vgs on the same graph).