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The one-stop-shop for teaching semiconductor device education. This essential set of tools for the teaching of semiconductor devices is a key element in the Tool-Powered curriculum on Semiconductor Device Education.

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  1. cntfet simulation possibiltity

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    Hai, I want to know whether this tool can be used for simulating the CNTFET circuits. For example, can we design a SRAM circuit using CNTFET elements and get the simulation results using this...


  2. simulation of a p-i-n device with p and n regions of different doping concentrations…

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    I am a scientist at IIT-Bombay

    I am thinking of a solar cell which is a p-i-n device, with an i region and emitter and base will have different doping concentrations

    p ( Be doped...


  3. Could k be devided into kx ky kz component possible?

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    The E-k diagram might be constructed by kx ky kz instead of knorm. If the result can present a table of “kx ky kz E” will be much greater helpful.


  4. nonperiodic series of wells

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    Is there a tool somewhere available to compute the bandstructure arising from a nonperiodic series of wells? If not, could the source code of this tool be easily modified to do...