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  1. Hi, is this tool working? I cannot even load the examples…

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  2. How to be able to use the FDTD tool

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  3. Is it possible to obtain authorization for using this tool?

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    Dear Developers:

    Will it be possible to become a member of this tool user group? I have a few ideas about semiconductor lasers that I’d like to check out (see PRA 79, 033803) and...


  4. how to get the permission to download the software?

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    Can I jion your group? and obtain the permission to download the software?


  5. about the permission to access this tool

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    I am interested in the metallic structure embedded in active media,so i am really interested in the feasibility of using this tool. If you can seed me more information about this tool and how i...


  6. permission to access the tool

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    Need permission to access this tool. Thanks!


  7. Documentation anywhere?

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    Hi all, my thesis topic concerns about active materials, in particular erbium-silicon nanoclusters systems for optical gain applications, so I’m really interested in the possibility of...