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  1. Hi, is this tool working? I cannot even load the examples…

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  2. How to be able to use the FDTD tool

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  3. Is it possible to obtain authorization for using this tool?

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    Dear Developers:

    Will it be possible to become a member of this tool user group? I have a few ideas about semiconductor lasers that I’d like to check out (see PRA 79, 033803) and...


  4. how to get the permission to download the software?

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    Can I jion your group? and obtain the permission to download the software?


  5. about the permission to access this tool

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    I am interested in the metallic structure embedded in active media,so i am really interested in the feasibility of using this tool. If you can seed me more information about this tool and how i...


  6. permission to access the tool

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    Need permission to access this tool. Thanks!


  7. Documentation anywhere?

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    Hi all, my thesis topic concerns about active materials, in particular erbium-silicon nanoclusters systems for optical gain applications, so I’m really interested in the possibility of...


  8. Baudilio Tejerina

    Since November 2004, Baudilio Tejerina manages the computer facilities of the Theory Group in the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University. After receiving his PhD in Physical Chemistry...