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  1. Absorbtion File In Cigs Solar Cell for Adept 2

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    Please help me about the absorbtion file for simulating CIGS solar cell.Is absorbtion file is necessary for all layer?. How can i get absorbtion file values for the following design. n-http://nanohub.org/answers/question/1176

  2. Adept values and hand calculations do not match

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    In the n AlGaAs-pGaAs...


  3. Dark mode computation cannot be executed.

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    During the computation, it suddenly shows error message.


  4. How to change the electrode material in the adept tool

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    How to change the electrode material in the tool adept? I can't find the metal contact section in the setting bars.Thanks!


  5. Is it possible to simulate a silicon oxide layer in the c-Si simulations?

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    I have tried to simulate an oxide layer in the system by changing the band gap of the material to eg=6, chi=1 (as an example), and it does not seem to work. Is there a work-around that I should...


  6. My simulation is not getting saved from where i left?

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    Hy, I’m working on ADEPT on a project but I’m facing a problem that my simulation does not start form where i left it .and it is using my storage memory but not saving it to that...


  7. Negative biases not working for i-v?

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    Negative biases are no longer being plotted for i-v calculations as of the most recent update. Is this a bug or is there another way to simulate negative biases now?


  8. What is the reference material for calculating the band offsets in the n-AlGaAs-p

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    I was wondering how you calculated the band offsets in ADEPT, typically one assigns a reference material in such simulations. The affinity, band gap, intrinsic carrier concentration and density...