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  1. scattering current is larger than ballistic current

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    Dear Sellier, 1. I am new to Archimedes simulations. I tried to run the example code diode.input as such without any modifications. The result I obtained is embarassing. set1 http://nanohub.org/answers/question/1245

  2. The MOSFET Code and OXYDE LAYER

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    Hi, I tried to run the mosfet.input code in the test directory and encountered a run time error. I found that the error was in the line no 39 and 40 CONTACT UP 0.0 0.1e-6 OHMIC 1.e23...


  3. Compiling Rappture wrapper

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    Hi, I installed Rappture GUI from the source and it runs fine with its examples. In the read me file, it says that I should compile the wrapper also. So when I type make in the wrapper folder,...


  4. Running with multiple cores

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    Hi, I have installed archimedes and it works fine. I am using a machine with 12 cores and the system monitor shows that archimedes computation is using only 1 core. How do I make sure that...


  5. Is it possible to simulate p-n (bipolar) eg. Si diodes

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  6. solar cell

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    can i use this pakage for solar cell modeling?



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    There is no result after simulation,why? Thanks!