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  1. 2% biaxial strain Ge, promen at the Gamma point

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    Dear all, When I simulate the bandstructure of Ge with high strain (2%), I get a discontinuity at the Gamma point, and therefore the effective masses are not correctly calculated. Can you...


  2. 8,10 nm thickness UTB with default values gives error

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    When I tried to simulate UTB and double gate devices with 10 nm silicon thickness by using default values gives error…

    Thank you


  3. Abnormal Termination of DGMOS UTB Self-Consistent Simulation

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    When running an Ultra-thin body MOSFET simulation with the job type set to “Calculate the UTB band-structure self consistently http://nanohub.org/answers/question/1100

  4. Abort

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    To terminate a simulation, the abort button is not working.


  5. Any cahnce you can include the DOS from the E(k) curves for a 1D Kronig Penny model?

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  6. atomic coordinates file should have the right file extension *.pdb so one can read it into a local visualizer right away

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    The ability to ownload a coorinate file is existing now. However the file comes back as a t *.txt file. It if ame back with the right extension, my local machine could immediately use the...


  7. Band structure error in InAs UTB devices

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    first of all, I would like to thank you to have developed and made ​​available online this tool. Currently, I’m interested in the study of the band structure of http://nanohub.org/answers/question/1328

  8. biaxial strain in bulk produces no results

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    Starting from scratch with a new simulation I am just turning on bi-axial strain in the bulk simulation mode and I get not simulation results.


  9. bulk bandstructure: k-axis scale

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    It seems that the bulk bandstructure shows E-k along L->Gamma->X->UK->Gamma. If so, the k-scale does not seem to be correct. The distance between Gamma and X appear to be correct...


  10. Bulk Si eff. mass vs. biaxial Strain

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    Hello there,

    I was simulating Strain sweep on Bulk Si. I applied biaxial strain from -0.015 to 0.015 in http://nanohub.org/answers/question/832

  11. Can not see any results in the drop down menu.

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    When I simulate the tool e.g. UTB default simulation, after completion of the simulation I can not find any outputs .In the results drop down menu input deck, backend code log,...


  12. Can we increase the limit of k-space region from 0,0 to

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    I want to simulate the Ultra-thin body Silicon for [0,0] to [1,0]  instead of [0,0] to [0.5,0] in k-space.I am unable to change that manually.Please can you help me out?


  13. can we simulate the band structure of graphene?

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  14. code crashes when 8nm triangular cross section nanowires are entered

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    code crashes when 8nm triangular cross section nanowires are entered crashes both in the electronic structure calculation as well as charge-selfconsistent calculation. Error message in the...


  15. Confinement Effective mass

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    Dear Admins, I am interested in calculating the effective mass along the confinement direction for nanowire geometries. Can this be done using Bandstrlab or is there another tool for it? Thanks...


  16. Could k be expressed by kx ky kz?

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    I do not really know the meaning of “effective k” in the result figure.(the square root of kx ky kz?) This tool can show a table of k-E. Is this possible to show the “kx ky kz...


  17. differences between sp3s* and sp3d5s* models

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    In this version of bandstrlab, the sp3s* model is not implemented (there is only one model, i.e. the sp3d5s*). It would be interesting to have that model to compare the differences between the...


  18. Does a positive value of epsilon correspond to tensile strain?

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  19. Does simulation assume 300K?

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    Is it possible to calculate band structure at different temp?


  20. Doping the Nanowire

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    Hello, I’m beginner at using this tool. would you please let me know that we can dope the nanowire (channel) itself? thanks