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  1. how can i plot interconnect legth vs propagation delay graph in CNIA

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  2. how can i plot interconnect legth vs propagation delay graph in CNIA

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  3. In CNIA how can i decide CNT bundle width and bundle;s height. I have to create 38 Mwcnt’s for my CNIA

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  4. There will be overlapping CNTS with metal-semiconductor junctions, contributing to transport. Have this tool accounted for this?

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  5. SWCNT bundle

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    Hi, I am having some queries in SWCNT bundle analysis using CNIA. In case of capacitance analysis, CNIA shows very small quantum capacitance for SWCNT bundle as compared to the theoretical...


  6. is there is the total resistance of the mixed bundle i.e sum of fundamental and scattering resistances in output log?????

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  7. Is it possible to do the simulation for mixed bundle or an isolated SWCNT/MWCNT?

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    Is it possible to simulate i. a mixed bundle containing both MWCNTs and SWCNTs? ii. an isolated SWCNT or MWCNT?

    if possible then how?


  8. are calculated parameters like inductance, capacitance and resistance per length or its total valua and also what about the density parameter?

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  9. does this tool calculates the electrostatic capacitance of the bundle containing only SWCNT, if it is then how can we feed parameter in this tool?

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