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  1. About the electron wave funtion

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    I wonder to know weather this tool can calculate the electron wave function in the Carbon Nanotube. Or can some one tell me how to rewrite the source code to attain this goal?


  2. atomic coordinate

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    As your reply : The developers of Rappture, the software which makes the nanoHUB simulation tools available through a web browser, are working on this feature. You will be able to click...


  3. atomic coordinates file should have the right file extension *.pdb so one can read it into a local visualizer right away

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    The ability to download a coordinate file is existing now. However the file comes back as a t *.txt file. It if came back with the right extension, my local machine could immediately use the...


  4. atomic coordinates from simulation

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    Could I obtain the 3D atomic coordinates of CNT structure from this simulation results?


  5. Could I have the source code for CNTbands 2.0?

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  6. density of states contains a bug

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    I checked the 19,0 density of states with my calculations and it appears to be missing some van-Hove singularities between the energy range of 0 to 3eV. i compared against others DOS results...


  7. Design of MWCNT.

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    How can we design MWCNT using this tool?


  8. Download

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    Hello, I want to download the simulation results in the form of image for the simulation of the Graphene Nano Ribbons. I am not able to download it in a jpeg image. Please let me know how can I...


  9. Download not possible

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    Downloading the calculated values does not work at all. It’s a pity, because the tool is great. Can anyone help here?

    Best wishes Karin


  10. Excuse my ignorance and could anyone let me know why does CNTbands fail to simulate certain chiralities like (9,3) or (9,6)?

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    Is there any specific reason as to why this simulation tool has problems simulating certain chiralities of pristine SWNTs like (9,3) or (9,6)? 

    Thank you! 


  11. How can I add the magnetic field for the bandGap calculation?

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  12. How can I study the effect of temperature in this tool?

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  13. how to use cntbant tool

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    please help me about use...


  14. Hubbard Model for edge effects ?

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    do you use the Hubbard Model with Mean Field Approximation to calculate the edge effects at zigzag ribbons?


  15. I wonder what’s the relationship and equation between chirality and graphene nanoribbon energy band?

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  16. If I use this software in my term paper, which reference should I use?

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  17. sir tell me the explanation on various output result on chts bands tools

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  18. Benjamin P Haley

    Ben received his B.S. in Physics from Purdue in 1998. He worked for Cummins Engine Co and Intel before attending graduate school at UC Davis. He received a Masters in Engineering Applied Science...


  19. Carbon Nanotube Worksheet

    Collections | 18 Jul 2017 | Posted by Tanya Faltens


  20. Carbon Nanotube Worksheet

    Collections | 02 Aug 2017 | Posted by Terrence Warren McGinnis

    This worksheet has students describe the geometries and conductivity type of several different carbon nanotubes of differing chirality.  CNT Bands can be used to simulate the structures...