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    I have simulated the CNTFET lab but the graph did not appear.


    Thank you


  2. Can you please tell me the working of CNTFET. It seems a bit confusing to me. what type of cntfet do you use? SB or gate doped?

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  3. Where, why, and how you used Dyson equation

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    It’s mentioned that Dyson equation is used. Would you please let me know in which part you used Dyson equation. Which part of Hamiltonian considered as perturbation and why? I...


  4. Why the effect of temperature is different at on and off-state current?

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    For V(drain)=0.1V or 0.4V and V(gate)=0V, by increasing the temperature (300ºk, 400ºk, 500ºk) the current (off-state current) increases. Such behavior can be seen for V(drain)=0.4V and...


  5. why the saturation current increases with decrease in diameter of the CNT

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    I had done the simulation using your tool “CNTFET Lab” available at nanohub. I have done the simulations for different diameter of the CNT (by changing the chirality) used in the channel. The...


  6. is there a problem with the simulator?

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    hi, I tried to get some I-V curves but I couldnt (even with default settings)I just get values of drain source or gate voltage and there is not any curve, just the values..


  7. what is the threshold voltage

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    for simulation of CNTFET what is the exact value of the threshold voltage? how does this depends on the device parameters.


  8. How long did users took to run a simulation for CNTFET? It took me like1 hr to run a simulation. Is this normal?

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  9. why I~vds curve shows higher saturation current for longer channel length?

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    I was simulating for CNTFETs with different channel length.I had taken a (10,0) CNT.I tried to plot I~vds curve for channel lengths 10nm,15nm and 30nm.saturation current for 10nm is coming...


  10. What is the Diameter of the nanotube in this simulation?

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    What is the Diameter of the nanotube in this simulation? I can not find the value in the parameters-setting part.


  11. i can’t find output in simulation of cntfet

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    hi sir , i can’t find output in simulation of cntfet, i want to have IV curves in result of simulation , plz help me.