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  1. different aspect ratio gold rods showing almost same extiction in simulation

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    I have tried to simulate gold rods with length 578,641 and 735 nm and diameter 85 nm for all. but I got almost same extinction spectrum for all three cases. but as per literature it should not...


  2. How to calculate the cross section of a ellipsoid with efficiency factor?

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  3. Value Error Message?

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    I am wondering if nanoDDSCAT is appropriate for modeling waveguides with nanoparticles on the surface. Every time I attempt to model a rectangular waveguide with nanoparticle...


  4. The absorption spectrum of a spherical nanoparticle with size > 50 nm has two peaks

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    I am trying to simulate the absorption spectrum of a spherical silver nanoparticle of 50 nm in the range of 300-700 nm. The obtained...


  5. Questions with Array

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    Hey there,

    I have used the array function. I placed my shape in a square array with 700 nm distance y and z axis. I've had good results, my problem is knowing how many times is my...


  6. Can I set error tolerance?

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    I'm trying to reproduce some literature results that used an error tolerance of 10^-6. I noticed from looking at the .par file that nanoDDSCAT uses 10^-5 by default. Is there any way of...


  7. How can I simulate Zinc Oxide in this method and what data i should upload for correct simulation? Please help and send me the detailed process.

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  8. Does DDA method useful for the study of optical properties of semiconductor nanoparticle like zinc oxide embedded in dielectric polymer like PVP?

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  9. Uploading dielectric constants into nanoDDSCAT?

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    I have complex dielectric constants for aluminum at given frequencies and was hoping to upload this into nanoDDSCAT, but unsure of the proper format or values to put into the...


  10. Why do I get only one point after running the simulation

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    I am trying to simulate nanorods for different aspect ratios, but after running the simulation, the graph shows only one point instead of a curve after setting the spectral window 400 - 700 nm....


  11. Why do I get only one point after running the simulation

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    I am trying to simulate nanorods for different aspect ratios, but after running the simulation, the graph shows only one point instead of a curve after setting the spectral window 400 - 700 nm....


  12. Nearfield not working?

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    I tried to do nearfield calculation, but the initialization always sets the parameter to 0, even if choosen in the menue.

    Is there any explanation for this?

    Can I generate...


  13. How can one normalize the E-Field intensity?

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    More specifically, what is the initial Electric Field intensity (E0)2 of DDSCAT? 
    I want to create a normalized E-field intensity data map http://nanohub.org/answers/question/1500

  14. limiting storage

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    I want to run a Nearfield generating simulation using DDSCAT, but i could not get the final results for limited storage. What should i do? Thanks.


  15. I keep receiving an error after I run my simulations on a single cylinder.

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    "The third parameter for Cylinder must have a value of 1 or 2 or 3." 

    I've done this test multiple times with the three different...


  16. Simulation error considering MXNX,MXNY,MXNZ

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    I tried a simulation of a gold nanorod with size 41.1nm X 14.3nm (SHPAR1=26.8, SHPAR=14.3) with shape file: Cylinder with End-Caps. 

    But it crushed every time at...


  17. axes label and the zero point

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    It would be helpful to position the axes labels at the end of the each axis. The current display is not clear.

    Also the zero point is printed as a small number in scientific notation...


  18. output file to simulate in matlab

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    Do you guys have a matlab code that will allow me to use the target output file to simulate the 3D field so that i can mess with the colors of the intensity?


  19. Results log zoom in/out issue

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    I noticed that when i was zooming in and out of the electric field (3d field) results log that the whole page scrolls up and down. Could you fix this little issue please.


  20. How can I change the Intensity scale?

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    I would like to be able to see small changes in the intensity display. The electric field displays in just one color right now because there is very little variation in the intensity. I would...