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  1. Using own shape in DDSCAT

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    I am trying to use my own cube shape file in DDSCAT by no matter how I format the file the program gives me an output of "No Valid Input Object File was Found."...


  2. It is too slow to use online. how to download this software?

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  3. Seperate Dielectrics for different shpaes found in file does not seem to be working for me

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    I need to generate a file with two particles of different composition. I followed your instructions and made two squares in a wavefront with both blender and wings but I...


  4. Problems converting an object file with two objects

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  5. mesh size

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      I am wondering, how to define of  the  mesh size  in nm scale in blender.


  6. How DDSCAT Convert could be compiled on Fedora

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    Dear Sir,

                I wanted to install the program locally on...


  7. Generation of Field Calculations Volumes

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    Can this tool all be used to generate a volume for calculating the electric field? i.e. to encapsulate one object into another, and then using it to determine the electric field at the surface...


  8. Does not accept (previously working) .obj files?

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    the interface for some reason does not work with .obj files that have been converted successfully previously.

    I obtain a "no objects found in...


  9. Unable to convert .obj file to DDSCAT shape file

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    I am having trouble with converting .obj file generated by MAYA to a DDSCAT file. The error reads 'invalid shape file attempted, no objects found in file.' I have posted a portion of my...


  10. It does not recognize object file

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    # This file uses centimeters as units for non-parametric coordinates.

    mtllib p1.mtl
    g default
    v 1.331628 -7.609304 -0.770149
    v 1.299327 -7.609304 -0.869562http://nanohub.org/answers/question/1520

  11. Error while compiling DDACONVERT code.

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    I want to locally compile the DDACONVERT tool on my Linux Ubuntu system. After downloading the code I tried to rum the make command in SRC directory via terminal and the following error was...


  12. Multiple objects

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    I'm trying to produce a shape.dat file with multiple objects (separating dielectric materials for each object). If I run this file without the option of separating dielectric...


  13. How to generate distinct multi-objects?

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    I tried to create a new geometry (e.g. core-shell structure) by blender, but the tool seems cannot distinct multiple objects correctly in the shapeFile.txt. Does anyone...


  14. Why does this code not load? Does any one else have the same problem?

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  15. How to modify the code to run with only gfortran and without openmpi installed in the system?

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    I am a neophyte in linux and don't have iFort and openmpi installed in my Scientific Linux. If you could help me to run it without those it will be very helpful.