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  1. how can I use nanohub for running meep?

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    I dont know how can I run my ctl file here?


  2. How do I download my results from the storage mannagment

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    If I’m not quick enough my MEEP session closes. I see that the results are saved through the storage managment. Yet I was not able to download the results?

    Thanks in advance for any...


  3. How do I make multiple proccesses work?

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    I have succeeded to run meep ctl files when using only 1 computer.

    Yet when I attempted to run the simulation on 2 or more computers in parrallel I got the following error...


  4. How do i plot the resonant modes?

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    I have donwloaded the code and ran it both for the compute-mode? = true and false (to calculate the transmission spec and the resonant modes) I have the same output files as are...


  5. how to run Meep simulations which need a normalization run!

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    Hi! I was wondering if anyone using Meep here know how to run a simulation where there is a need for two simulation runs! One where the structure does not exist and the aim is to record the...


  6. how to set environment variable for meep?

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    some executions of meep produce the output: “Some deprecated features have been used. Set the environment variable GUILE_WARN_DEPRECATED to “detailed” and rerun the program to...


  7. How to set GUILE_WARN_DEPRECATED to “no”?

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    I run a simulation using meep and it prints the results at the end. However, after the results are printed, it also print the following line and this prevents the program from...


  8. It can’t be launched!

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    Dear administrator,

    The simulator seems to be out of work???


  9. Problem in defining a dispersive material in Meep (Gold)

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     I am contacting you regarding an issue I am facing in Meep. I am trying to define dispersion relation of Gold in Meep using Lorentz-Drude model. After running the...


  10. typo

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    Is there a typo in the description of the tool ?


  11. error of meep tool

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     when i set more than 5 cpus and 17h in meep. the error shows that The combination of destination and executable is not properly specified.