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  1. What operations are performed when the voltage solution from poisson’s eqn is fed to the schrodinger eqn in this simulator?

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    The poisson’s equation gives the solution(V) of the 3D potential distribution of the MG nanowire fet.

    The input to the schrodinger equation is the conduction band profile i.e.-...


  2. Can i simulate III-V material based nanowires by giving the effective mass and other material parameters?

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  3. what is the degeneracy for each valley?

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    when choosing 100 and 110 crystal orientation, what values are used for effective mass in each valley and what is their respective degeneracy?


  4. Current unit…

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    The output logs show the current units to be muA…for instance, “Current (muA) = 7.6e-6. But, since much of the sims result in pretty low current values, I was wondering if that was...


  5. Abort sim?

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    Is there any way to abort a running simulation, besides having to close the tool and restarting it? It used to be possible in the previous versions, but now, the “watch”/busy pointer...


  6. S/D dopes only n-type? Can I get around max dimensions? Anywhere to download this?

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    I see with this tool we can dope the channel p and n type, but only n type is available for the source and drain. Is this an error of some sort, or was this deliberate? It seems to me that it...


  7. Mincheol Shin

    Mincheol is a Professor at KAIST, Daejeon, Korea. His research is on Nano-scale Quantum Device Simulations. From 1993 to 2002, he was a Senior Researcher at the Electronics and...