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  1. what is the channel length of finfet

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  2. how way i can plot Subthreshold voltage v/s gate work function using FiFET MugFET tool.

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  3. How to change the gate material of Finfet to graphene?Since its neither poly nor metal.

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  4. the sub threshold swing is not being accurate its giving pretty high value result(> 2000) for silicon nanowire GAA FET of 30nm with the default config

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  5. FinFET

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    Transconductance: how is possible to plot a graph between (Id vs Vg) also between (Id vs Vd)


  6. off current

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    Padre is not determining a on or off current inresults


  7. Why two graphs are displayed after simlation for Id-Vg characteristics?

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  8. how to plot subthersshold swing vs lg

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    hello sir, working with mugfet is giving very good comparison of variation of various parameter of finfet. i just want to know how can we plot Subthreshold Swing on Y axis and Lg on X axis.


  9. failure of simulation with warnings

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    When I edit parameters in MugFET and simulate than simulations fails. What is the solution? also please...


  10. I can not able to run or use the TOOL. Please give direction. Giving error “need JAVA TM”.

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  11. How can I simulate high-k oxides?

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    How can I simulate high-k oxides like HfO2 (dielectric constant above 10)?


  12. Warinings

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    Dear Admins, When I run a simulation with nanowire with hot carrier configuration and assuming built in structure with the following model details: 1) Solve Energy balance —> Yes 2)...


  13. why DGFET of subthreshold swing is not ideal(use default value)?

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    why DGFET of subthreshold swing is not ideal(use default value)?


  14. Is it possible to simulate TFET using this tool?

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  15. Is it possible to simulate TFET using this tool?

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  16. How could I plot results of simulation ?

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    I invoked the tool with ‘Simulator’ and it appeared to be running for over an hour.. after it appeared to complete the simlation, the ‘results’ window does not bring up...


  17. Simulation for 3D finfet fails

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    I ran the simulation with 3D finfet and the job failed. Also is it possible to run simulation with intrinsic channel ?


  18. PROPHET and PADRE doesnt launch job for W=55nm and H=65nm Lc=40nm

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  19. Is it possible to take 2D cut planes of electron and hole density in the direction of source to drain ?

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