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  1. Method for calculating Elastic Modulus

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    Please describe the method used to calculate the elastic modulus.  The closest I could find is slide 13 in the user guide, but I'd like to know:

    - Is the origin a fixed point...


  2. Where are the LAMMPS trajectory files?

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    I'm no longer able to find the LAMMPS trajectory files for nanomatmech.   I've looked in data/sessions and data/results.  Where are the files stored...


  3. Cu nanowire tensile tests - Multiple orientations

    Collections | 24 Oct 2016 | Posted by Sam Reeve


  4. uploading my saved files

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    Can I save a file from nanomatmech and upload it to start a new session, that in effect does the next step of a process (cycling stress or temperature, for example)?