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  1. The code faces convergence issue when the number of probes is reduced from Nx-2 to any other value. Is there a way to rectify that? (This is for Nanomos2.5)

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  2. What ist the effective mass for DGMOSFET, ballistic NEGF ?

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  3. Can we observe the Fermi level (EF) or the electron quasi-Fermi level?

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  4. different materials giving the same current in nanoMOS

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    I have assigned a class project for my class where the students have to study different materials (Si, GaAs, etc) in a dual-gate structure using the nanoMOS toolkit. However, both Si and GaAs...


  5. nanomos spinfet fails

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    I run a spinfet simulation with default parameters and input. After the simulation is done, there is an error in loading the results. It says: .../results.mat no such file or directory....


  6. Nanomos 2.0/3.1 is not working in MATLAB

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    I had nanomos 2.0 but i couldn't run the input deck files. I would always get an error. So i downloaded nanomos 3.1. But in this version there is no function (like nanomos in nanomos 2.0)...


  7. Is it possible to dope the channel with n type doping?

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    I want to simulate junctionless doublegate nMOSFET. For this i have to dope the channel with n type doping along with the source and drain. Is it possible to dope the channel with n type doping...


  8. source code of nanoMOS 4.0 and SPINFET simulations

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    1) From where can I download the source code of the latest version of nanoMOS ? It seems ,on this website version 2.5 can only be downloaded .

    2) where do I find the outputs of...


  9. What is the sequence of required effective masses as input?

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    If I choose “Other III-V materials” in material section, there are five effective masses separated by colon for each direction. What is the sequence of them? According to valleys,...


  10. Problems with HEMT

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    Hi I want to simulate the HEMT device structure. Even after applying all necessary device parameters and boundary conditions, the simulator does not converge(shows a matrix assignment problem)...


  11. eps_c and eps_si definition

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    I am trying to simulate a double-gate MOSFET with a new material. However, I am not clear about the what eps_c and eps_si are respectively. From my understanding, eps_si is the dielectric...


  12. Is version 4.0 source code available?

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    I was wondering if the version 4.0 source code is available for download?


  13. Can nanoMOS simulate a tunneling transistor?

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    I’m wondering if nanoMOS can simulate a tunneling transistor. It’s a gated p-i-n diode.


  14. Problem launching job: 0child process exited abnormally

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    Hi, Even though I was using the default settings, NanoMOS with TRANSPORT MODEL “NEGF with phonon...


  15. for the same case, the simulation results by the newest version are not the same as those simulated by the previous versions, any parameter changed?

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  16. Using nanomos

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    Hi I am beginner and i was trying to use nanoMOS for first time in MATLAB. I downloaded latest nanoMOS but i coudnt find out how to run it as there was no nanomos.m file in it as mentioned in...


  17. Error regarding path

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    I get the following error when I try to run Nanomos.

    {b??? Error using ==> load Unable to read...


  18. How the Fermi level (EF) is determined for charge and current calculation?

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  19. questions about 2d electron density along the channel

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    As far as I understand, for NEGF model, the 2d electron density is first computed though integral of (Fermi function)*spectral density over energy, then the 3d electron density is obtained by...


  20. nanoMOS always reports error

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    I am sure I followed the instructions strictly as followed: ‘The Matlab version


    nanoMOS is written in Matlab a scripting language (http://nanohub.org/answers/question/443