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  1. Fatal error in MPI_Allreduce: Invalid buffer pointer, error stack:

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    MPI_Allreduce(1421): MPI_Allreduce(sbuf=0x11ef8c0, rbuf=0x11ef8c0, count=1452, MPI_DOUBLE, MPI_SUM, MPI_COMM_WORLD)

    How to tackle this problem?


  2. “Invalid Buffer Pointer” error issue

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    The simulator is showing this error for all kinds of possible values. Whats the solution to this problem? 



  3. Is the tool running now? I can’t seem to even launch it. Before this, there was an error with MPI that I could not proceed.

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  4. Getting Exit Code 1

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    Why is this problem happening??

    Program Finished :Exit Code is 1 Can’t read “total_vstep” :no such variable while executing “ expr...


  5. input deck of the nanwire simulation

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    Dear Sir, Could I have input deck of the nanwire simulation for using it in NEMO 5? I want to do some changes in the nanowire geometry. Thanks in advance.


  6. The tool is not running.

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    while running any simulation, the job shows completed simulation message. but there is no graph other than meshing. there are some output logs with every gate voltage which shows some error....


  7. Nanowire tool

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    Dear sir, 1. in nanowire tool if we choose materail Ge, or GaAs or http://nanohub.org/answers/question/1027

  8. tool is not giving results it is taking more than 3 hours even for uncoupled mode case and then show error.

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    tool is not giving results it is taking more than 3 hours even for uncoupled mode case and then show error.


  9. tool is not giving results it is taking more than 3 hours even for uncoupled mode case and then show error.

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  10. Coupled Mode Space

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    Dear Sir,

    The results obtained using the 2 transport models supported in the tool gives exactly the same results for different nanowire diameters and i noticed that when choosing the...


  11. netlist

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    sir how to see netlist after device simulation??


  12. Is it possible to dope the nanowire n-type at the source end and p-type at the drain end using this tool?

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  13. Matlab Code Nanowire

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    Dear Sir Kindly send me the Matlab code of this tool/nanowire.

    Thank you


  14. not converging to the default tolerance

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    I simulate a case where Vg = 0.4V and Vd = 0.0V. The rest of the parameters are the defaults value. I am using uncoupled mode with average onto a single slice. The solution did not converge...


  15. fermi energy

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    In determining the density of the electrons, what fermi level do you used? Do you assume a value or do you calculate it at every iteration?


  16. defining the 3D electron density

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    In the reference cited, Nanowire uses the NEGF formalism and the 3D density is expressed in terms of that formalism. Could someone tell me what the equation will be like in terms of...


  17. Is the poisson equation in the iterative scheme altered in the same manner as NanoMOS?

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    To improve convergence, the poisson equation in NanoMOS was altered to include a quasi-fermi potential term....


  18. Boundary conditions for the potential equation

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    I would like to know what are the boundary conditions for the potential equation. I assume the boundary condition at the gate is the prescribed V_g. Are the rest of the boundaries assigned...


  19. Want to find out capability

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    Hi. I need to run some simulations for a Nanowire-on-Insulator Mosfet. I wanted to know if i could simulate it using this tool? If yes, is there a example created for a NOI? Thnx in advance


  20. Problem during simulation

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    when I am using Nanowire Tool,during simulation it summit my job with an id but it shows that no environment’site match for your job.It happens from last 2days.How to solve this problem.