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  1. Can I simulate Absorption characteristics for metals other than gold/silver

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  2. problem launching job

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    I was trying to simulate the spectra of silver(gold) core/dielectric shell nanoparticles. Unfortunately, the system gave an error message which reads as following. File...


  3. Refractive index information and new materials

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    Which refractive index data sets are you using for your materials and why? Because I read some articles that mention that the refractive index data for silver from Palik's...


  4. Resolution limit?

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    I was wondering if there was an effective limit on the resolution we could use for the tool? I ran a simulation for a Gold particle in both 0.9 nm and 20 nm radii (single layer) with...


  5. Validation

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    While running a silver nanosphere with 40 nm Diameter (20 nm radius) I noticed that the scattering efficiency is much larger than the absorption efficiency. Which in contradiction...


  6. Want to add metals in the simulation

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    Hi Lasse, I am PhD student at university of Surrey. I am currently using your simulation package and Its been...


  7. What does bk, pr, alb, g stand for???

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    In the output parameter set one finds the extinction, scattering and absorption cross sections. These values are followed by additional parameters- what are their physical meanings? The used...


  8. Would you please allow TiN,ZrN and make adding material flexible like dropdown box

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