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  1. How can I print Matarial (for ex. silicon) parameters using PRINT line?

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  2. How to give generation AM1.5g in PADRE?

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  3. How to turn on or activate Radiative Recombination in PADRE? Which parameters should be specified to activate Radiative Recombination?

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  4. how can i simulate voltage with time in single moscap

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    i want to make simulation voltage with time ?

    what’s the code to carry this task

    vinital=0 vmax=1v time=10us



  5. interface

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    I add an interface to the suface of MOSCap,How to extract(plot) the interface potentail?


  6. Fermi statistics produces too low current

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    I found that PADRE produces very low current when I use Fermi statistics. About 5 times smaller compared to Boltzmann statistics (for low Vds). I checked with electron density. Electron density...


  7. how to Plot the I-V characteristic using a semi-log scale

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  8. how to plot two graphs on the same plot? like Ec and Ev on the same plot ?

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  9. 3D simulation in Padre

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    Is there any example of 3D simulation using Padre? What is the meaning of the number of Z plane (in mesh construction) ?


  10. How do I draw a band diagram with the conduction band, valence band and the Quasi Fermi levels in the same plot

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    How do I draw a band diagram with the conduction band, valence band and the Quasi Fermi levels in the same plot?

    I am looking for the commands in Padre that allow me to draw such...


  11. doping profile description?

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    I have P-N junction with linear graded doping region, how can I describe this profile?


  12. Padre input doping file format

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    does anyone has experience with the function 2d.profile. I would like to know how the input file has to be build. In the user manual it is written “BIPAD (or PADRE) file format”...


  13. polar coordinates

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    I am trying to simulate lateral diffusion in a device that has both rectangular and circular geometry. Is this possible? If so, how does one define the contacts, etc?


  14. How to deffine the GaAs material in the padre simulator

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  15. Can Padre be used for non-conventional materials?

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    I know that padre is able is able to solve for conventional materials such as Si, GaAs etc. But I am dealing...


  16. What does “PADRE” stand for?

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  17. errorrrr plzzzz helpp

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    i keep getting an error “no lifetimes given for material 1” but i have defined the lifetimes for material 1 in the material line :S!!!! here’s my material...


  18. question about using the alloy line

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    how can i use an alloy formed of 4 different materials?? {GaInAsP} with compositions Ga=0.23, In=0.77,...


  19. I need help, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    hello everyone, Can anyone help me to learn how to design hetrojunction using Padre … ???


  20. how drawing by semilogscal?

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