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  1. 3D simulation in Padre

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    Is there any example of 3D simulation using Padre? What is the meaning of the number of Z plane (in mesh construction) ?


  2. Can Padre be used for non-conventional materials?

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    I know that padre is able is able to solve for conventional materials such as Si, GaAs etc. But I am dealing...


  3. commands for gate and substrate current with respect to DRAIN VOLTAGE

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    What is the padre command code for finding gate and substrate current with respect to drain voltage(VDD)in a MOSFET .(Ig-VDD and Isub-VDD).


  4. define AlGaAs in PADRE

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    Hi,I used the defined name for the material:“ALGAAS” which is “aga45” in the region and material definition,but when i simulate I/P file it refused this assignment. how...


  5. doping profile description?

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    I have P-N junction with linear graded doping region, how can I describe this profile?


  6. errorrrr plzzzz helpp

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    i keep getting an error “no lifetimes given for material 1” but i have defined the lifetimes for material 1 in the material line :S!!!! here’s my material...


  7. EXTRACT feature currently not operational  ??

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    I am trying to evaluate capacitance of a p-n structure with different contact geometry. Most simple would be to use line

    EXTRACT METAL.CH CONT=1 X.MIN=0.0 X.MAX=100.0...


  8. Fermi statistics produces too low current

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    I found that PADRE produces very low current when I use Fermi statistics. About 5 times smaller compared to Boltzmann statistics (for low Vds). I checked with electron density. Electron density...


  9. How can I model Zener breakdown in a PN Diode using PADRE ?

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  10. How can I print Matarial (for ex. silicon) parameters using PRINT line?

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  11. how can i save my work on padre for later work?

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    can i copy and paste code of padre written in microsoft word?


  12. how can i simulate voltage with time in single moscap

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    i want to make simulation voltage with time ?

    what’s the code to carry this task

    vinital=0 vmax=1v time=10us



  13. how can i view doping profile

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    how can i view doping profile.i have already given the doping profile and succesfully created a mesh. HOW CAN I SEE THE DOPING PROFILE.I have tried the CONTOUR and PLOT.2D commands.But it has...


  14. How do I draw a band diagram with the conduction band, valence band and the Quasi Fermi levels in the same plot

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    How do I draw a band diagram with the conduction band, valence band and the Quasi Fermi levels in the same plot?

    I am looking for the commands in Padre that allow me to draw such...


  15. How does the interface line treat traps?

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    Im simulating a simple metal-Si-SiO2-Si-metal system, and everything seems to be working except when I try to...


  16. how drawing by semilogscal?

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  17. How to deffine the GaAs material in the padre simulator

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  18. How to give generation AM1.5g in PADRE?

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  19. how to plot two graphs on the same plot? like Ec and Ev on the same plot ?

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  20. How to read values at a specific point?

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    I would like to plot the electric field at a specific point vs applied voltage for a MOSCAP simulation. Does anyone know how to setup the Plot.1D command for that?