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  1. Is it possible for me to use this software to calculate a InGaAs/InAlAs quantum structure? looking for a reply

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  2. Plotting a 6 barrier device

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    When I try to use 6 barrier device with default settings, I don’t get any of the plots. It gives me a Rappture error.


  3. Sweeping the bias back and forth

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    I wanted to check the hysteresis in current that occurs in the NDR region of the I-V curve, when you sweep the bias forward and then back again, due to redistribution of charges. However, I...


  4. Shows absolute current-voltage characteristics. Whats the area?

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    The latest version of the tool outputs absolute current-voltage curve, rather than earlier current density-voltage curve. What is the area that ie being used to calculate absolute...


  5. Bias voltage

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    Hi, Can I ask how the Bias voltage is applied? which side is positive and negative? left or right?

    Thanks Regards James


  6. how to work offline

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    how to use this tool offline because i am not has continious link to the web


  7. small decay length in the relaxation energy appears to cause non-convergence

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  8. quantum mechanical charge appears to be over-estimated by a factor of 5.7

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    Comparing the semiclassical charge for a long, highly doped contact to the single pass quantum mechanical charge appears to result in charge that is about a factor 5.7 to high. This must be a...


  9. RTD basee circuit design simulator

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    how design mulivalude circuit by the resonance tunnaling diode